Long Guns Overview

Main types of long guns: rifles and shotguns

Rifles at a Glance

Rifles are a type of long gun that fire single projectiles through a rifled bore when the trigger is pulled.

A rifled bore enables the bullet to travel farther than if the bore were not rifled.

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what is a rifle

Shotguns at a Glance

Shotguns are a type of long gun that fire multiple pellets (shot) that spread out as they exit the gun barrel.

They are versatile firearms as one gun can shoot projectiles of varying sizes.

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what is a shotgun

Rifles vs Shotguns

While both are long guns, there are some key differences between rifles and shotguns.

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Long Guns: Misused Terms

As with any other industry, the firearm industry has no shortage of misused terms. Here we're going to try to explain some of the commonly misused terms relative to long guns.

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