Aluminum-Cased Ammo

Aluminum-Cased Ammo: durable, lightweight, cost-effective

By nature, aluminum is very lightweight.

While this might not seem like a big deal to the casual shooter, if you carry a lot of ammo, or are hiking/traveling by foot on a hunt, the weight advantage can be significant.

Like brass, aluminum is less corrosive than steel.

Like steel, aluminum does not typically cost as much as brass.

All in all, aluminum-cased ammo provides a strong, durable, low-corrosive, and cost-effective ammo option.

aluminum-cased ammo

Quick Notes About Aluminum-Cased Ammo

Compared to brass, aluminum-cased ammo tends to be less expensive.

Both aluminum and steel are less malleable than brass. So, in some guns, they do not create as tight of a seal and run less clean than brass.

Aluminum has a lower melting point than brass, so its structural integrity does not lend itself to reloading. Also, because aluminum is a more brittle metal, it is not flexible enough to be easily resized (which is needed if you want to reload a case).


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